Welcome to Cris De Lara's virtual gallery with SexToySofa.co.uk/sybian-review traditional and digital illustrations.
I define myself as Pinup Artist, Illustrator, Painter and Teacher.
But the truth is, www.find-sex.net and I am still an apprentice; I am always learning.

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First Step:

I am always open to discuss new projects but my availability depends on my current schedule and workload, so, if you wish a quotation on my services, contact me with details about the project.

Please take a look at my quotation sheet to help you providing information I need. Rates will depend on the requirements for the project and the type of deal we get.

For Publishing (illustrations for books and magazines) and Advertising inquires I have an agent that represents me at these markets; please contact Gary, tel.: + 44 (0) 7891 390750; e-mail:[email protected] at Lemonade Illustration Agency(UK).

If you wish to give mr more details for your project contact me by phone or e-mail.

Only for portraits and caricatures I have a promotional flat rate upon the conditions in the proper sections.

I am also open to proposals for seminars, workshops, conventions, events, interviews, etc., just contact me with details.


Most of my works is by commissioning.

I also work for some companies as freelance or under contract.

Some clients I have worked for:

    • Pyramid International (UK)
    • Cartattoos (US)
    • Linel Design (US)
    • Wags 'n Whiskers
    • Bunny Zoe's Crafts (UK).
    • MyPSPTubes (US)
    • Niagara College (CA)
    • Moonref Designs (US)
    • ItsArt Magazine (FR)
    • Mattel (US)
    • PEG (US).
    • Greenzys Project (US)

Some Works I have Done:

Just some words of a few projects I have worked for.

Greenzys Project (children book and toys):

I have worked for the Greenzys project for almost 14 months .
The project was launched on the Earth day 2010.

It was a very hard work, however, delightful and really inspiring when it was finished.
Fortunately, Lisa Keyser – Creator/Co-Founder of the project have worked with me also as art director and make all the workflow very easy.

More than developing all characters and doing all illustrations I also was given the chance to develop and contribute with the design for the toys.

I hope to receive all toys when the book and toys were launched.

Cartattoos (stickers):

This is a great client with amazing projects.

They ask me for a theme and I develop pinup art based on that.

They provide all references and support and I do what I most like to do: illustrations and Pinup art.

The images are used for stickers and they send to me some samples.

By the way, the stickers are wonderful, of course.

Pyramid International (posters):

I love doing pinup art and I always wished my images on posters.

Pyramid International is a wonderful client to work with.

They know which image is more appealing for the market and provide me all support to develop them.

The best thing.... they send to me samples of the posters.

I love the posters and I pin up them at my walls.

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Itsart Magazine (website):

Its Art Magazine (www.itsartmag.com) is one of the best web sites for CG and digital arts we have in Internet. As a member I am very lucky for being invited as Forum Leader in one of its groups which is called Its Pinup.

The content at the group and its threads and participants are.... high level. I am a pinup artist as well as fan and very often I am gratfully surprised with such a deep knowledge the members have about pinup art, great masters and contemporary artists.... and I always learn a lot with them.

Niagara College (courses):

I and my business partner have developed and offered some drawing and painting courses for Niagara College and three of them were approved for summer time.
One course for kids (manga and fantasy drawing techniques), One course for teenagers (drawing and paitning for comics and games) and a course for adults (Digital Portraits and Caricatures).

Teaching is something amazing... I used to teach in Brazil, I am doing volunteer work teaching kids at elementary and high schools. So, I am chasing a teacher position to teach digital painting, digital design techiniques or similar courses. Is there any college or school interested?

Imagine FX (magazine):

I love explaining how my images are done, I love writing and working with ImagineFX magazine is perfect to me.

As an artist with traditional drawing and painting background software is just a tool for me.

I work, around 5 hours a day, at least, using Photoshop and Illustrator (and a little of painter and Fireworks)

The remaining time I work in traditional way, drawing or painting with pencil, charcoal, pastel or oil.

Imagine FX also has section about traditional techniques which is nice because I may write workshops about them.

Savage Worlds Fantasy Campanion (games):

I did about seven images for this project and it was very nice to work on it.

For my surprise, one of my images was chosen to be the cover. There were so many talented artists working on the project too.

My kids liked a lot when they saw the game, I am thinking on buying one for them.


Greenzys Project

2010, April 22th

Cris De Lara did the entire book, illustrations and digital paintings, and also redesigned the characters, made the model sheets for the plush toys and several other things. Although Cris was very important for the project she highlights the teamwork as the key point for its success. - by A. Stockler

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New Web Site

2010, March 13th

This is Cris De Lara's web site new version. An online portfolio focused in illustrations, portraits, caricatures than Pin Up art and it reflects part of the talented artist she is. Cris De Lara Pin Up web site is coming. I am proud to present this job for you. I am sure you will like it very much. - by A. Stockler

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